This online magazine consists of six articles on six different topics, each focusing on a new and improved technology in sports medicine.

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The first article discusses a new technique in ACL surgery, the Bridge-Enhanced ACL Repair, which uses cow bovine as a bridge to connect the torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament and aid in repair.




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The next article examines the rise of Tommy John Surgery in youth athletes as the surgery advanced, and the prevention methods to help stop the epidemic.



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The Stem Cell Treatment article dives down into a discussion about the positive effects of Stem Cell Treatment, and current regulations regarding the use of this treatment in a professional setting.





The Smartphone Apps: Smart for Fitness article introduces how smartphone apps can be used for exercise, which ones work, and what app designers should do to make better fitness apps.


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The Medical Marijuana Treatment article talks about the possible use of medical marijuana as treatment to relive pain for sports injuries.




The Mental Illness In Sports: The Fear Behind the Stigma article discusses the stigma behind mental illness in professional sports as well as a strategy to reduce it.




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Names: Kara  Bruzdzinski, Connor Hudson, Jacob Wellerman, Hayley Swick, Autumn Trower, Chris Kelley

Course Info: ENGL202 Writing about Medicine

Date: 12/4/2017